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4 Top Latin American Restaurants To Visit

The vote is in for Latin America’s best restaurants. Last year, it was Lima’s Central that took the top spot after it first appeared on a top list in 2013.

If you do happen to visit South America, then it is worth spending time in these places that serve food that is distinctive of the region they are located in. Here are 4 of Latin America’s best restaurants: Read More

Breakaway Adventures

It is normal for a lot of people to wish for a break. Breakaway from work and the busy city life and embark on an adventure that they will remember forever. Deciding where to go is usually the problem. There are many countries to choose from that will offer tourists a different kind of experience. It is important to find time to plan for the wonderful trip ahead to make sure that one doesn’t encounter any problems while they are supposed to be out having fun. Read More

3 Top Cities for Affordable Getaways in the United States

Despite an improvement in the economy, travelers in the United States still want to maximize value. And it’s not just the freebies that they’re interested but in an affordable getaway. A vacation that they can enjoy fully without having felt as if they’ve burnt a hole in their pocket.

So, here are 3 top cities for affordable getaways in the United States:

#3: San Antonio
Apart being noted for its economic meals, San Antonio is fast approaching the top spot of the list with each year, thanks to its free attractions. These free attractions include the five mission, the most popular of which, being the Alamo. Another positive is that San Antonio is becoming eco-friendly, and one rent a bicycle for $10, and spend time cycling along the Mission Reach section of the Riverwalk.

#2: Nashville
Nashville is popular for the music scene but according to most travelers, it definitely as one of the best cities in the United States for its cafes, burgers and microbrews. Take for example, the Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden where the beef burgers start at $7. As for some great music, you can visit the Bluebird Cafe, where Garth Brooks amongst a slew of musicians had humble beginnings.

#1: Kansas
With an average of $137 for hotel prices and really affordable prices when it comes to food, Kansas comes in at number #1 – but the costs aren’t the only reason. Added value comes from sightseeing at no cost as well, whether it is the three Kansas City’s art museums or a couple of popular factory-style tours.

Planning Your Grand Cayman Vacation

Have a trip on your calendar to Grand Cayman? You definitely have a lot to look forward to. Just start  counting down the days till you can finally feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face and hold a nice tropical drink in your hands.

However, you still have plenty to do before you get there. For one thing, you’ll want to ensure that a car rental in Grand Cayman is a priority before you ever touch down there. Too many people just assume that the island is so small they’ll simply never have to worry about how they’ll get around. Unfortunately, this is how you end up leaving the island at the end of your stay and regretting all the amazing things you didn’t get to do.

Grand Cayman car rentals will mean that you and your family get to see and do everything they want during their vacation. You won’t have to rely on hotel shuttles, taxis or public transport. Just pick up and go wherever you like whenever you like without any regrets about how your time was spent. This is truly the only way to make the most out of your time while in Grand Cayman.

3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa

There are a number of things that you can do if you so wish to visit South Africa. Whether it seeing penguins or white sharks or even visiting a casino or game reserves, there’s always something in it for everyone.

Here are 3 clear reasons why you must visit South Africa:

1: The Wildlife Safari

No visit to South Africa can be considered complete with going to the wildlife safari. This includes wildlife such as white rhinoceroses, African lions and elephants. The Kruger Park is one of the largest game reserves that has elephants, lions and leopards as well. A jeep safari is a must. Apart from this, the Pilanesberg National Park offers a hot-air balloon safari that you must try as well.

2: Robben Island

Not only person can deny the cultural importance of this World Heritage Site. Without a doubt, this island which housed political prisoners indefinitely was instrumental in shaping the future of South Africa as a whole. That is made clear when some of them take you for a tour around the island. Even till this day, the island has memories of the social movement that took place a few years ago.

3: Table Mountain

It doesn’t which time of day you see this mountain. It still remains majestic. Of course, climbing up the mountain isn’t the only option. You can even take the cableway route and enjoy the view of the blue ocean below. Also, you can enjoy dining at the restaurant located at the top of the mountain.

To a Mountain Adventure Vacation

After all the trouble of planning your wedding, having your dress made, getting everyone to come to the reception, you finally end your once in a lifetime event, you can finally sit down and rest, tomorrow, you’re going to have your honeymoon with the person you love. That is, if you did some planning while you were busy with the wedding preparations.

If not, don’t worry, there are hundreds of destination ideas that you can use to ensure that your honeymoon is stress free. You can choose to have an adventure or just sit back and relax at some of the world’s best romantic resorts. Most newlywed couples opt to go to exotic places like Africa to see the wildlife, while some would go to tropical countries to enjoy the weather and the beaches. A small number of couples would go on romantic vacations up a mountain, go skiing or hiking up to the top to enjoy the view, or enjoy one another’s company.

One such mountain that is often travelled to by couples is Poconos Pennsylvania. The mountain is well developed with numerous facilities available for your relaxation. There are now hotels in the area, as well as restaurants that cater to your every craving and spas for your much deserved rest and relaxation. It may well be an unusual choice for a vacation, but you may never know, you might actually like the fresh mountain air and the isolation of it all.

Cove Haven is an online service that offers various packages for romantic resorts in the Poconos Mountain area.