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The Basics of Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi

Article by Monte Carlo Rent A Car

Abu Dhabi is a unique mixture of history and modernity. It’s the home to the headquarters of many major international businesses and one of the richest cities in the world. Visitors come to Abu Dhabi to see the opulent shopping centers, luxury high-rises and world-class dining. But you can also find many historical sites in and around Abu Dhabi such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the sixth largest mosque in the world.

With so many things to do in Abu Dhabi, it’s important to find the best way to get around the city. You can take public transportation or taxis, but there are disadvantages to these options. Public transportation around Abu Dhabi can be confusing for visitors, especially if they don’t speak or read Arabic. Taking a taxi can be complicated as well and there’s the potential danger of being picked up by an illegal cab driver looking to rob you or rip you off. For many visitors, a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi is the smart choice.

Car rentals are affordable and easy to do. Many reputable car rental companies can be found at the airport or elsewhere in the city. Renting a car in Abu Dhabi is such as popular choice that many expats who are permanently living there opt for a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi rather than purchasing their own car.

Of course, there are certain requirements for renting a car in the United Arab Emirates and rules of the road that you’ll need to follow. Here are a few basics to understand before you rent a car in Abu Dhabi:

License Requirements: Residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries can rent a car in Abu Dhabi with a valid license from their home country. Residents of other countries will need to have an International Driving Permit in order to complete a rental and drive a car in the UAE. For example, Americans can visit their local AAA office and complete a form for a license, which is then processed through the State Department.

Traffic Laws: It’s important to keep in mind that traffic is highly regulated in Abu Dhabi with heavy fines for some violations. For example, all speed on major roads and highways in Abu Dhabi are monitored through radar, so you could easily pick up a ticket without knowing it. However, some traffic laws can cause confusion for visitors, such as the fact that a U-turn can be performed at any intersection.

Parking: Parking has improved in Abu Dhabi over the last few years as the government has made this a priority. You can park on the street using a coin-based meter system or pay to park in a premium space at a new lot.


Get Around Abu Dhabi in a Rental Car

Article by Monte Carlo – Rent a Car In Jordan

Looking to get away for a while? Want a vacation you’ll truly never forget? If so, then consider going somewhere truly exotic, like Abu Dhabi. No matter where you’ve been, you’ve never been somewhere like this. With so much to do here, you’ll definitely want to spend some time putting together an itinerary and planning out your time there. On top of that, to really enjoy the area, you’ll want a rental care.

A car lease in Abu Dhabi will make all the difference. Without one, you’ll have a hard time fitting everything into your trip that you want to do. It will be next to impossible, in fact. Abu Dhabi is absolutely huge. When you factor in locals and tourists, there are countless people moving through at any one time. Getting around on foot just isn’t an option. Trying to do so with public transport and taxis is also going to be next to impossible.

Fortunately, a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi will save you money and time. If you have the budget, you should also consider putting money towards a driver. They’ll know the area better than you and will be around whenever you need to leave one place and get to another.