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How the Fashion of Milan, Italy Can Help You Create Abundance

With an extensive history in fashion and design, Milan, Italy has spawned the careers of many fashion designers, photographers, models and film makers. If you love designing elegant haute couture clothing for fashion-conscious women, Milan is a great place to explore new realms of the imagination.

The rich clarity of ideas and concepts derived from this region would have invaluable effects upon your life. Just like New York, this region of the world will also have a profound impact upon your meditation journey. Milan is and always has been a hub for the fashion industry. The country and its people inspire you to new heights of creativity. And Milan is an important capital for the world of photography and many creative geniuses have sprung from its fertile soil.

Milan is unquestionably one of the greater learning centers around the globe for fashion designers. This city is just a cut above average. They set the tempo for other similar schools of study on an international level.

Author, mentor and teacher, Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch invites you to come to this wonderful destination and grow as a human. Her group of teachers and mentors travel there to hold meditation retreats that focus on creating abundance in each area of your life. The teachers from Golden Touch hold elite training activities. Meet others who enjoy these types of activities. Make friends and take advantage of the cultural opportunities.

Zhang Xinyue and the Golden Touch teachers love helping others get the most of their meditation times. Come and let the culture and fashion of Milan, Italy, inspire you.

Top 5 Ice Cream flavors

Written by Gelato Products

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts worldwide. Traditionally ice cream was only served at ice cream parlors and special events. However, as the ice cream market grew with many commercial vendors entering the market, the ice cream cups wholesale market increased, this created many new ice cream flavors. Here are five of the most popular ice cream flavors.

Cookies N’ Cream – Cookie N’ Cream is a mix between crushed Oreos and vanilla ice cream. Since the flavor is subtle, yet rich, this is a popular flavor to eat at movies or family events.

Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream is a staple in many refrigerators and comes in many varieties like milk, dark and Swiss.

Mint Chocolate Chip – Mint chocolate chip is a flavor loved by both kids and adults for its bright green color and its refreshing taste. There are now many varieties of chocolate that are used for this flavor and include Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Unsweetened Dark Chocolate.

Vanilla – Vanilla is a timeless favorite and is a good addition to rich desserts. Look at pairing it with brownies, hot pies, fruit or with your favorite

Cookie Dough – Cookie Dough ice cream is a combination of cookies and ice cream without the hard cookie chunks. It is best eaten on it own as it is a rich flavor that can be quite sweet.

If you are looking for a healthier option, choose these flavors in low-fat varieties or opt for frozen yogurt cups for a lower calorie option.


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