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Poconos: A Great Destination for Family Vacations

Article written by Tokyo Travel Guide

Put simply, family vacations are never an easy thing to organize. That doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your family. It just means these are a difficult thing to put together, as you have to consider each member and what they enjoy.

That’s why Pocono Family Vacations are so popular. They really do it all. First of all, as soon as you see the Pocono Mountains and their surroundings, you’ll swear you’re in a brand new world. But you’re not! You’re actually in one of the most majestic parts of the country located within Pennsylvania. Read More

Travel for Fitness

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all for a little while, take a break from life by visiting an exciting and exotic locale. Everyone needs a vacation now and then; after all, studies show that stress can be a contributing factor to weight gain. Now, with the concept of the fitness vacation growing in popularity, getting away from it all can help your health in more ways than one. Read More

3 Top Cities for Affordable Getaways in the United States

Despite an improvement in the economy, travelers in the United States still want to maximize value. And it’s not just the freebies that they’re interested but in an affordable getaway. A vacation that they can enjoy fully without having felt as if they’ve burnt a hole in their pocket.

So, here are 3 top cities for affordable getaways in the United States:

#3: San Antonio
Apart being noted for its economic meals, San Antonio is fast approaching the top spot of the list with each year, thanks to its free attractions. These free attractions include the five mission, the most popular of which, being the Alamo. Another positive is that San Antonio is becoming eco-friendly, and one rent a bicycle for $10, and spend time cycling along the Mission Reach section of the Riverwalk.

#2: Nashville
Nashville is popular for the music scene but according to most travelers, it definitely as one of the best cities in the United States for its cafes, burgers and microbrews. Take for example, the Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden where the beef burgers start at $7. As for some great music, you can visit the Bluebird Cafe, where Garth Brooks amongst a slew of musicians had humble beginnings.

#1: Kansas
With an average of $137 for hotel prices and really affordable prices when it comes to food, Kansas comes in at number #1 – but the costs aren’t the only reason. Added value comes from sightseeing at no cost as well, whether it is the three Kansas City’s art museums or a couple of popular factory-style tours.

To a Mountain Adventure Vacation

After all the trouble of planning your wedding, having your dress made, getting everyone to come to the reception, you finally end your once in a lifetime event, you can finally sit down and rest, tomorrow, you’re going to have your honeymoon with the person you love. That is, if you did some planning while you were busy with the wedding preparations.

If not, don’t worry, there are hundreds of destination ideas that you can use to ensure that your honeymoon is stress free. You can choose to have an adventure or just sit back and relax at some of the world’s best romantic resorts. Most newlywed couples opt to go to exotic places like Africa to see the wildlife, while some would go to tropical countries to enjoy the weather and the beaches. A small number of couples would go on romantic vacations up a mountain, go skiing or hiking up to the top to enjoy the view, or enjoy one another’s company.

One such mountain that is often travelled to by couples is Poconos Pennsylvania. The mountain is well developed with numerous facilities available for your relaxation. There are now hotels in the area, as well as restaurants that cater to your every craving and spas for your much deserved rest and relaxation. It may well be an unusual choice for a vacation, but you may never know, you might actually like the fresh mountain air and the isolation of it all.

Cove Haven is an online service that offers various packages for romantic resorts in the Poconos Mountain area.

Explore Grayton Beach Florida

A vacation in Florida isn’t complete without visiting a beach or two, or ten! It’s true; Florida has plenty of beaches to choose from, ranging from the popular sands such as South Beach, Key West, and Palm Beach, to the lesser known beaches in The Florida Panhandle, such as Dog Island and Blue Mountain Beach. Among the relatively solitary beaches in the state is Grayton Beach, an artsy community also located in The Florida Panhandle.

Visiting Grayton Beach is like experiencing the past and the present at the same time. The area is dotted with historic cottages as well as modern beach homes. It’s not uncommon to see a white picket fence or a street paved with crushed oyster shells in Grayton Beach. The area also boasts majestic oak trees, pine, and magnolias.

But when it comes to the water, it doesn’t get any better than Grayton Beach State Park, a beautiful white sand beach that is mostly secluded in the summer months. In addition to a pristine beach, Grayton Beach State Park features huge dunes, hiking trails, lots of wildlife and a coastal dune lake called West Lake.

At the end of the day if you wish to stay in the area, you have your choice of plenty of dining opportunities, including the Red Bar, a local place that offers live music and delicious food. The laid back community also offers shopping. If you still have time, continue to the nearby Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, yet another place with beautiful beaches that isn’t swarming with crowds.

Alaska Guided Tours: LeConte Glacier

One of the most impressive sights in Alaska is LeConte Glacier, a massive (21-mile) body of ice flowing to the head of LeConte Bay. While most glaciers are worth exploring, LeConte is especially captivating because of its “shooter” icebergs, or icebergs that peak out as far as 1,000 feet from the glacier’s surface. Since its discovery in 1887, LeConte Glacier has receded nearly six miles, offering plenty of icebergs in the area to see and travel around.

If you’re visiting Alaska, you will want to take a tour to LeConte Glacier. Visitors can discover this beautiful glacier through Alaska guided tours that run from Petersburg and Wrangell.

One of our favorite tours is guided by Breakaway Adventures; we love the LeConte Glacier Adventure because it takes you to the glacier on a small, private boat instead of a large crowded vessel. It usually runs about six hours and takes you through hundreds, if not thousands of icebergs. This intimate, guided tour provides the opportunity for visitors to take photographs, explore the iceberg, and even touch the ice for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We also love this tour because it is affordable and departure times are flexible. To enhance the trip, don’t forget to add Petersburg to the tour. For an additional charge of only $40, visitors get to spend quality time in this charming Norwegian town without running into many tourists.

See the Great Pocono Mountains

No vacation quite compares to seeing the Pocono Mountains. Of all the many natural beauties Pennsylvania features, the Pocono Mountains might be the greatest to behold.

They cover an amazing 2,400 square miles. The mountains themselves oversee the Delaware Valley as well as the Delaware Water Gap and Lake Wallanpaupack. Visitors can also go to the west for great views of the Wyoming Valley and even Pennsylvania Dutch Country. To the south the y can take in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.

If you’re into the great outdoors the Pocono Mountains will not leave you wanting for options. Visitors come to ski, fish, hunt, camp and do just about anything else that involves being in nature. Of course, you don’t have to sleep in a tent to take in the majesty of the Pocono Mountains. You can just as easily check into a Poconos Family Resort. The area has many.

For the adults amongst you, take in some fun at the Mount Airy Casino Resort of the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. The former was just opened in 2007 and the latter has both live harness racing as well as off track betting available to customers.

Those of you with a need for speed will also want to check out the Pocono Raceway, where you can watch all kinds of automobile races through most of the year.

When you need time away, but don’t want another boring trip, consider going to see the Pocono Mountains. They’ll take your breath away and replace it with plenty of amazing memories.

Group Skiing in New Mexico

Skiing is a fun-filled activity that gets even more enjoyable when done in a group setting. People seeking to partake in this adrenaline-filled sport can take up a group ski package. Several tour operators have packages that are tailored to offer quality and memorable skiing experience at affordable rates. Most ski resorts in New Mexico periodically offer discounted rates to skiing enthusiasts that come to sample some of the country’s best skiing sites. The mountainous terrains in New Mexico offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding grounds in the world. The snow-covered mountainous terrains of varying steepness offer amateur and experts an experience of a lifetime.

Skiing in New Mexico is a vacation that any person can get to enjoy at the convenience of their budget. More so, families on can benefit from the affordable New Mexico family ski packages. The ski resorts in New Mexico located on the Southern side of the Rocky Mountains have lots of light snow and some bluebird days. The terrain is graduated from even terrain that is suited for beginners to rugged terrain on which expert skiers can challenge themselves. Aside from skiing, vacationers can also take sightseeing along the mountainous terrain.