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See the Great Pocono Mountains

No vacation quite compares to seeing the Pocono Mountains. Of all the many natural beauties Pennsylvania features, the Pocono Mountains might be the greatest to behold.

They cover an amazing 2,400 square miles. The mountains themselves oversee the Delaware Valley as well as the Delaware Water Gap and Lake Wallanpaupack. Visitors can also go to the west for great views of the Wyoming Valley and even Pennsylvania Dutch Country. To the south the y can take in the beautiful Lehigh Valley.

If you’re into the great outdoors the Pocono Mountains will not leave you wanting for options. Visitors come to ski, fish, hunt, camp and do just about anything else that involves being in nature. Of course, you don’t have to sleep in a tent to take in the majesty of the Pocono Mountains. You can just as easily check into a Poconos Family Resort. The area has many.

For the adults amongst you, take in some fun at the Mount Airy Casino Resort of the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. The former was just opened in 2007 and the latter has both live harness racing as well as off track betting available to customers.

Those of you with a need for speed will also want to check out the Pocono Raceway, where you can watch all kinds of automobile races through most of the year.

When you need time away, but don’t want another boring trip, consider going to see the Pocono Mountains. They’ll take your breath away and replace it with plenty of amazing memories.

Incorporate a break into your travel plans

Most of us travel overseas for vacation, business, to visit family and friends and many other reasons. Some of these travel involves long distances that may take more than 15 hours of travel time especially air travel. Your travel may include a stopover before reaching your destination. We recommend that you use the stopover to turn over to a bit longer break for many reasons.

Many of the international airlines that you fly operate more than one plane during the day to that destination or might have daily flights. Therefore, you can easily incorporate a break and take the next day flight without causing much delay. One issue that arise from a longer break is your unaccompanied luggage. Many airlines will accommodate a request to fly your luggage with you without having to take it out at the break point. Make sure your carryon luggage contain adequate supply of medication and other needs for the break.

This will give you an opportunity to visit other places while visiting your destination. It will also allow you to spread your wings and avoid jetlag normally associated with long distance travel. It may be good for those who are suffering from arthritis and other medical conditions.

Group Skiing in New Mexico

Skiing is a fun-filled activity that gets even more enjoyable when done in a group setting. People seeking to partake in this adrenaline-filled sport can take up a group ski package. Several tour operators have packages that are tailored to offer quality and memorable skiing experience at affordable rates. Most ski resorts in New Mexico periodically offer discounted rates to skiing enthusiasts that come to sample some of the country’s best skiing sites. The mountainous terrains in New Mexico offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding grounds in the world. The snow-covered mountainous terrains of varying steepness offer amateur and experts an experience of a lifetime.

Skiing in New Mexico is a vacation that any person can get to enjoy at the convenience of their budget. More so, families on can benefit from the affordable New Mexico family ski packages. The ski resorts in New Mexico located on the Southern side of the Rocky Mountains have lots of light snow and some bluebird days. The terrain is graduated from even terrain that is suited for beginners to rugged terrain on which expert skiers can challenge themselves. Aside from skiing, vacationers can also take sightseeing along the mountainous terrain.

Top 4 Travel Tips for October

Now is a good time plan for October travel, there are travel opportunities that are unique to this month itself from around the world.

Not only are these travel tips fun but truly opportunities that you must not miss this month if you are inclined to take a vacation.

Here are 4 travel tips for the month of October:

1: Travel to Mexico

As one expert puts it, getting there before Thanksgiving will be a good idea as it will help you to get shoulder-season deals. Of course, if you cannot go right away, the next best thing is to book for Spring Break as soon as possible.

2: Start Planning for Rio 2016

Of course, while the Olympic Committee has already booked the best rooms in Rio, there is still plenty of accommodation available for visitors. This includes even villas that you can book before or even during the Games.

3: The Right Time to go to Sydney

Given that the American to Australian dollar exchange rate is at its lowest, it is a good time to travel to Sydney. You can expect low prices for airfare since it is the offseason. Best part: Sydney has opened the Barangaroo Point Reserve – a massive harborfront park.

4: Whale-watching in South Africa

If you like whale-watching, then Hermanus should be the place to visit in South Africa. There’s Cape Town too. This is if you want to see southern right whales that will be around from October until next June.