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Tahiti: The Best Vacation I ever had

Article written by Legends Travel, Travel news, tips & articles

Have you ever thought to just ditch everything and head to one of those Tahiti vacations? You should. Tahiti was the best vacation I ever had. I went there exactly 10 years ago for my honeymoon.  I had promised my wife that we would come back there for our 10th year anniversary, but unfortunately our current financial situation does not allow me to do so. So unfortunately this year we are sticking to more local destinations and hopefully we can save up for Tahiti and go back the next few years. Read More

Top Facts to Consider When Purchasing Property on Grand Cayman

Top-Facts-to-Consider-When-Purchasing-Property-on-Grand-CaymanLife on Grand Cayman is as glorious as people make it out to be. Although the topic of residency isn’t as common as say, New York City or Los Angeles, Grand Cayman offers an unbelievably beautiful setting that you can call home. Here are some key aspects below that will give you better insight onto why Grand Cayman’s real estate market is an opportunistic one.

Crime Rates

Note that Grand Cayman is highly affluent with low crime rates. It’s crucial to reside in a community that’s safe and managed appropriately. The crime rate has decreased substantially and now has some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Real Estate

The real estate in Grand Cayman ranges from luxury estates to simplistic condos. Their Caribbean vacation homes are a true spectacle to see – not to mention affordable as well.

An alternative to living in Grand Cayman is partaking in the real estate market via investing. An island that most people dream to live in, the Cayman Islands real estate market has blossomed into a respectable and prosperous industry that’s opening up to a wide audience of individuals searching for a second or third home, or even to rent it out to visitors.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, one of the major reasons why people are looking to buy real estate in the Cayman Islands is because it’s tax free. There are no income taxes, no capital gains tax, and not to mention the absolute best diving in the Western Hemisphere. All of this within 3 hours of the greater USA, why wouldn’t you come to the Cayman Islands?

The top four Italian Gelato flavors

Written by Gelato Products

If you visit a gelato store, you will be surprised to see the number of gelato flavors on offer. Most customers will use the tasting spoons to make a decision on what to order. Here are a few of the most popular gelato flavors that should be tried.

Bacio – Bacio means ‘kiss’, and is a flavor that has a combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Although this gelato has a pale brown color, the gelato provides a good dose of rich chocolate flavor tempered by the nutty taste of hazelnut praline.

Sette Veli – This flavor is chocolate lovers dream and is named after the Biblical story of the seductive dance of the seven veils performed by Salome for Herod. This gelato flavor is a combination of different kinds of chocolate from dark to light, hazelnut praline, and crunchy biscuits. The ice cream is made alternating chocolate and nut layers, which makes a soft thick creamy chocolate ice cream with tiny crushed biscuits.

Stracciatella – This gelato has a light vanilla ice cream flavor, packed with slivers or chunks of chocolate. The combination is perfect for a hot summers day.

Tartufo – This gelato is named after the Italian name for “truffle”. The flavor is made by combining two flavors of ice cream and covering it in a chocolate shell, shaped as a ball. Most often the combinations include chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, covered with nuts like pistachio or almond.

So the next time you visit a gelato store, avoid asking the server for a plastic yogurt spoon to test flavors and instead opt for the flavors above.


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