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To a Mountain Adventure Vacation

After all the trouble of planning your wedding, having your dress made, getting everyone to come to the reception, you finally end your once in a lifetime event, you can finally sit down and rest, tomorrow, you’re going to have your honeymoon with the person you love. That is, if you did some planning while you were busy with the wedding preparations.

If not, don’t worry, there are hundreds of destination ideas that you can use to ensure that your honeymoon is stress free. You can choose to have an adventure or just sit back and relax at some of the world’s best romantic resorts. Most newlywed couples opt to go to exotic places like Africa to see the wildlife, while some would go to tropical countries to enjoy the weather and the beaches. A small number of couples would go on romantic vacations up a mountain, go skiing or hiking up to the top to enjoy the view, or enjoy one another’s company.

One such mountain that is often travelled to by couples is Poconos Pennsylvania. The mountain is well developed with numerous facilities available for your relaxation. There are now hotels in the area, as well as restaurants that cater to your every craving and spas for your much deserved rest and relaxation. It may well be an unusual choice for a vacation, but you may never know, you might actually like the fresh mountain air and the isolation of it all.

Cove Haven is an online service that offers various packages for romantic resorts in the Poconos Mountain area.