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Perfect time to visit the San Juan Islands

When you are planning your trip to the San Juan Islands, then the most important factor to be considered is the best time of year to visit the place. The weather of San Juan Islands is mild, all year long and it usually does not drop below freezing point. However, some months experience temperature fluctuations and heavy rainfall. Therefore, you must travel to San Juan Islands when the weather is just perfect for the tourists.

The best time to stay in the San Juan Islands is summer, when the majestic whales can be sighted, and the rains are rare. The summer months will also provide the warmest weather and most sunshine. A perfect place to stay on San Juan Island is the Friday Harbor, which is a great launching point for whale watching expeditions and the best place for tourists to find suitable San Juan island vacation rental.

San Juan Islands weather is quite ideal ranging between 36 and 71 degrees during an average year. This means that you can plan your visit between June and September, when the temperatures are low, reaching around 50 and the average temperatures fall within the high 60s and low 70s. These months also offer the least amount of rain, averaging right around an inch, making it an ideal time to travel to the San Juan Islands.

Article submitted by San Juan PM. Go ahead and book your stay at San Juan Islands and get ready to be mesmerized by the breath-taking beauty of the place.