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4 Top Latin American Restaurants To Visit

The vote is in for Latin America’s best restaurants. Last year, it was Lima’s Central that took the top spot after it first appeared on a top list in 2013.

If you do happen to visit South America, then it is worth spending time in these places that serve food that is distinctive of the region they are located in. Here are 4 of Latin America’s best restaurants:

1: D.O.M (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Credited to the owner Alex Atala, people are well aware of his work that not involves discovering Amazonian ingredients but also using them to make unique dishes much to his patrons’ pleasure.

2: Astrid y Gaston (Lima, Peru)

With a large menu of foods on offer, it is clear that most if not all foods use the region’s ingredients, culinary techniques and traditions too. The restaurant was originally founded by Gaston Acurio along with his wife, Astrid Gutsche. Only now, the operation is overseen by the head chef, Diego Munez.

3: Borago (Santiago, Chile)

Simply put, this restaurant serves contemporary Chilean food but with keeping it natural too. Patrons have to thank the Chef Rodolfo Guzman who has definitely put Chilean food, ingredients, techniques and products on the map with his efforts. As a result, he has literally rewritten the culinary rulebook in regard to Chile.

4: Central (Lima, Peru)

One can’t help but attribute Central’s success to Chef Virgilio Martinez and his efforts since 2009. It is one of the most popular restaurants to visit in Latin America. Prior to opening this restaurant, he trained kitchens in Bogota, Madrid, New York and London too.