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3 Clear Reasons Why You Should Visit South Africa

There are a number of things that you can do if you so wish to visit South Africa. Whether it seeing penguins or white sharks or even visiting a casino or game reserves, there’s always something in it for everyone.

Here are 3 clear reasons why you must visit South Africa:

1: The Wildlife Safari

No visit to South Africa can be considered complete with going to the wildlife safari. This includes wildlife such as white rhinoceroses, African lions and elephants. The Kruger Park is one of the largest game reserves that has elephants, lions and leopards as well. A jeep safari is a must. Apart from this, the Pilanesberg National Park offers a hot-air balloon safari that you must try as well.

2: Robben Island

Not only person can deny the cultural importance of this World Heritage Site. Without a doubt, this island which housed political prisoners indefinitely was instrumental in shaping the future of South Africa as a whole. That is made clear when some of them take you for a tour around the island. Even till this day, the island has memories of the social movement that took place a few years ago.

3: Table Mountain

It doesn’t which time of day you see this mountain. It still remains majestic. Of course, climbing up the mountain isn’t the only option. You can even take the cableway route and enjoy the view of the blue ocean below. Also, you can enjoy dining at the restaurant located at the top of the mountain.