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Plan a Vacation at Washington State

When you think of a great vacation, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, they picture sandy beaches with a lounge chair getting tropical drinks delivered by a waiter. This is all well and good and there’s no doubt that, from time to time, we could all do with a little relaxation by the beach, but is that really ideal?

Once the vacation is over, a lot of people who spend their time off this way tend to come back to reality wishing they had done more. Lying around all day doesn’t do much for creating memories. Read More

Tips to protect your identity while traveling

When you are away from home on vacation, you take much more valuable personal information with you. Your credit and debit cards, your passport, your driver’s license, your smartphone, medical insurance card, your laptop computer are all contain much valuable information about you. Since they are essential for travel, you have to find ways to protect them from thieves, hackers and many others. Here are few ideas how protect your valuables while traveling. Read More