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    Tahiti: The Best Vacation I ever had

    Article written by Legends Travel, Travel news, tips & articles

    Have you ever thought to just ditch everything and head to one of those Tahiti vacations? You should. Tahiti was the best vacation I ever had. I went there exactly 10 years ago for my honeymoon.  I had promised my wife that we would come back there for our 10th year anniversary, but unfortunately our current financial situation does not allow me to do so. So unfortunately this year we are sticking to more local destinations and hopefully we can save up for Tahiti and go back the next few years. Read More

    A Mammoth Vacation

    It’s hard to beat a great ski vacation, and the Mammoth Lakes area of California has all the things families need to create lasting memories on the slopes and off. Whether hitting the slopes at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort sounds like the perfect trip to you or hiking at June Lake and Devils Postpile National Monument is more up your alley, Mammoth has something to offer.  Your next vacation could be a mammoth vacation — you just need to start planning.

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    3 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

    No matter what you think, the first few hours of any trip sets the tone for the remainder. If everything goes well, then the trip might turn out that way too.

    In other words, a lousy flight can spoil a trip, not unless you are game for a little adventure. Yes, there are a few airports that spell danger and that have caused travelers to postpone their trip indefinitely.

    Here are 3 of the most dangerous airports in the world: Read More

    Five Luxury Lifestyle Blogs You Should Read

    For many readers, lifestyle blogs are a way to see the world with fresh new eyes and perspectives. Here are five of them that will give you a glimpse into a world of luxury and excitement.


    Pursuitist is an aptly named Paris-based blog focused on the pursuit of the luxe life. It compiles lists of 5-star experiences throughout the country, as well as automobile reviews, celebrity lifestyle news, cocktail guides, and high-end home improvement ideas.

    Robb Report

    As part of the Penske Media Corporation’s robust portfolio, Robb Report joins publications such as Variety, Rolling Stone, WWD, and Deadline Hollywood. Robb Report brings the corporation’s trademark bold and erudite storytelling to the world of global luxury. In its pages, you’ll find coverage of automobiles, yachts, aviation, fashion, and more.

    Passion for Hospitality

    Passion for Hospitality is the brainchild of Elena Sergeeva, an entrepreneur and former hospitality worker who has worked in the hospitality and luxury hotel management industry since she was 18. She brings her expertise in 5-star hotels and travel in Europe to this insightful blog.

    Michael D’Antonio Impatto

    Michael D’Antonio Impatto is another luxury lifestyle blog run by lifestyle blogger Michael D’Antonio. Michael D’Antonio Impato offers a unique variety of luxury experiences, including travel, luxury goods, hotels, restaurants, and bars and lounges. With a steadily growing collection of articles, his blog is ready to make its mark in the world of lifestyle blogs.


    Luxuo describes itself as “the luxury lifestyle portal,” and with its worldwide success, it can stake a claim for that title. With headquarters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, and New York, it brings an international perspective to its articles about watches, cars, yachts, style, culture, and business.

    How the Fashion of Milan, Italy Can Help You Create Abundance

    With an extensive history in fashion and design, Milan, Italy has spawned the careers of many fashion designers, photographers, models and film makers. If you love designing elegant haute couture clothing for fashion-conscious women, Milan is a great place to explore new realms of the imagination.

    The rich clarity of ideas and concepts derived from this region would have invaluable effects upon your life. Just like New York, this region of the world will also have a profound impact upon your meditation journey. Milan is and always has been a hub for the fashion industry. The country and its people inspire you to new heights of creativity. And Milan is an important capital for the world of photography and many creative geniuses have sprung from its fertile soil.

    Milan is unquestionably one of the greater learning centers around the globe for fashion designers. This city is just a cut above average. They set the tempo for other similar schools of study on an international level.

    Author, mentor and teacher, Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch invites you to come to this wonderful destination and grow as a human. Her group of teachers and mentors travel there to hold meditation retreats that focus on creating abundance in each area of your life. The teachers from Golden Touch hold elite training activities. Meet others who enjoy these types of activities. Make friends and take advantage of the cultural opportunities.

    Zhang Xinyue and the Golden Touch teachers love helping others get the most of their meditation times. Come and let the culture and fashion of Milan, Italy, inspire you.

    Why You Should List Your Home As A Vacation Rental

    Blog provided by San Juan PM

    Are you the type of person that plans an annual vacation away from your home at the same time each year? Do you live in an area that is popular as a vacation spot? Is your house a comfortable, cozy property that anyone can kick back and relax in? If so, you might be able to earn some money on the side by making your house available as a vacation rental.

    Hotels can be expensive, cramped, and hectic places to stay in. As a result, many tourists prefer the relaxed experience of renting a vacation home. Since many vacation homes are actual houses, they contain all the amenities a visitor could need, along with a more spacious and comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for families and larger groups. If your house isn’t being used during your vacation, why not give other families a chance to use it while you’re away?

    You might have concerns about rowdy guests ruining your home. Fortunately, there are some safeguards to help protect against these unfortunate experiences. A good property management company will screen interested guests to make sure the problematic ones stay at home and can even send team members to help maintain your house and make sure everything is in perfect shape when the next guest arrives.

    If you live in the San Juan Islands and are looking for a good San Juan property management company, contact San Juan PM to have your vacation property listed. They’ll go the extra mile to take care of your home and present it only to the best, most well behaved guests.

    Perfect time to visit the San Juan Islands

    When you are planning your trip to the San Juan Islands, then the most important factor to be considered is the best time of year to visit the place. The weather of San Juan Islands is mild, all year long and it usually does not drop below freezing point. However, some months experience temperature fluctuations and heavy rainfall. Therefore, you must travel to San Juan Islands when the weather is just perfect for the tourists.

    The best time to stay in the San Juan Islands is summer, when the majestic whales can be sighted, and the rains are rare. The summer months will also provide the warmest weather and most sunshine. A perfect place to stay on San Juan Island is the Friday Harbor, which is a great launching point for whale watching expeditions and the best place for tourists to find suitable San Juan island vacation rental.

    San Juan Islands weather is quite ideal ranging between 36 and 71 degrees during an average year. This means that you can plan your visit between June and September, when the temperatures are low, reaching around 50 and the average temperatures fall within the high 60s and low 70s. These months also offer the least amount of rain, averaging right around an inch, making it an ideal time to travel to the San Juan Islands.

    Article submitted by San Juan PM. Go ahead and book your stay at San Juan Islands and get ready to be mesmerized by the breath-taking beauty of the place.

    Tips for Traveling Lightly

    Summary: Packing lightly is one of the things that will make your travels as smooth as possible.

    If you are going on a vacation in the near future, you have multiple things you need to account for. Finding a place to go to is fun but you also need to make airline, hotel, and transportation accommodations. To make the whole travel process easier you can aim to travel lightly.

    Less to Worry About

    Consolidating everything you want to bring into a carry-on bag and a backpack can initially feel extremely limiting but it can also be liberating. By limiting the amount of space you have you are essentially forcing yourself to focus more on the essentials. Rather than packing a few pairs of shoes, you can likely narrow it down to a pair of workout shoes for walking around and exercising and a pair of nicer shoes for restaurants and museums. This can make putting an outfit together in the morning that much easier.

    In addition to having fewer items to worry about, packing lightly can also save you time at the airport. Idle time you would have spent checking your suitcase in and waiting for it at baggage claim can be spent elsewhere.

    Be Mindful of Container Sizes

    If you want to be able to bring all of your bags onto the plane with you, you have to be mindful of container sizes. For security reasons, the soap and toothpaste containers you bring have to fit within size limits.

    If you take vitamins and prescription pills on a regular basis you can consolidate them into a smaller pill organizer for the week. If you take prescription medication and it isn’t in the prescription bottle the pharmacy gave you, at least have the prescription documentation on you.

    Blog submitted by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC: If you are going to travel for business and need a cheap car rental in Amman Jordan, check out the Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC for the best deals on rental vehicles.

    The Basics of Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi

    Article by Monte Carlo Rent A Car

    Abu Dhabi is a unique mixture of history and modernity. It’s the home to the headquarters of many major international businesses and one of the richest cities in the world. Visitors come to Abu Dhabi to see the opulent shopping centers, luxury high-rises and world-class dining. But you can also find many historical sites in and around Abu Dhabi such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the sixth largest mosque in the world.

    With so many things to do in Abu Dhabi, it’s important to find the best way to get around the city. You can take public transportation or taxis, but there are disadvantages to these options. Public transportation around Abu Dhabi can be confusing for visitors, especially if they don’t speak or read Arabic. Taking a taxi can be complicated as well and there’s the potential danger of being picked up by an illegal cab driver looking to rob you or rip you off. For many visitors, a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi is the smart choice.

    Car rentals are affordable and easy to do. Many reputable car rental companies can be found at the airport or elsewhere in the city. Renting a car in Abu Dhabi is such as popular choice that many expats who are permanently living there opt for a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi rather than purchasing their own car.

    Of course, there are certain requirements for renting a car in the United Arab Emirates and rules of the road that you’ll need to follow. Here are a few basics to understand before you rent a car in Abu Dhabi:

    License Requirements: Residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries can rent a car in Abu Dhabi with a valid license from their home country. Residents of other countries will need to have an International Driving Permit in order to complete a rental and drive a car in the UAE. For example, Americans can visit their local AAA office and complete a form for a license, which is then processed through the State Department.

    Traffic Laws: It’s important to keep in mind that traffic is highly regulated in Abu Dhabi with heavy fines for some violations. For example, all speed on major roads and highways in Abu Dhabi are monitored through radar, so you could easily pick up a ticket without knowing it. However, some traffic laws can cause confusion for visitors, such as the fact that a U-turn can be performed at any intersection.

    Parking: Parking has improved in Abu Dhabi over the last few years as the government has made this a priority. You can park on the street using a coin-based meter system or pay to park in a premium space at a new lot.


    The Angelina Hot Chocolate Comes in White – by Cécile Zarokian

    Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

    Anyone who has ever heard of the Angelina Tea House would have also heard about their legendary Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate “l’Africain.” This thick, decadent hot chocolate has definitely been responsible for putting Angelina on the map and keeping it there for over a hundred years.

    The popularity of their classic African Hot Chocolate, however, has overshadowed its equally decadent white counterpart. That’s right. The Angelina Tearoom actually offers a Chocolat Chaud au Chocolat Blanc and it’s just as smooth and heavenly as the classic l’Africain. It’s so thick that it’s almost like melted white chocolate bars in a cup. You could imagine it to be sickly sweet but it’s not at all. Its rich taste and luxurious, velvety feel balanced out by the fresh whipped cream served on the side is pure bliss.

    To balance out the richness, pair your pot of Angelina White Hot Chocolate with a Tarte Citron. This lemon tart is a sweet pastry filled with smooth lemon cream and topped with candied lemon. The Demoiselle Tatin would also be an excellent choice. This is Angelina’s tribute to the upside-down tarts made popular by the Tatin sisters. Basically, it’s a deluxe version of the traditional apple pie. It features a crisp crumble crust and fresh caramelized apples spiced with cinnamon, mace, and cubeb pepper. A generous dollop of vanilla ganache tops the beautiful pastry.

    While the Angelina African Hot Chocolate will always be the classic choice, the White Hot Chocolate is definitely worth trying. Not only is it divine but it also pairs very well with any of Angelina’s famed pastries.


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