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Plan a Vacation at Washington State

When you think of a great vacation, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, they picture sandy beaches with a lounge chair getting tropical drinks delivered by a waiter. This is all well and good and there’s no doubt that, from time to time, we could all do with a little relaxation by the beach, but is that really ideal?

Once the vacation is over, a lot of people who spend their time off this way tend to come back to reality wishing they had done more. Lying around all day doesn’t do much for creating memories.

washington stateThis is why we heartily suggest you kayak Washington the next time you have some vacation days to spend. For one thing, Washington is a gorgeous state that will give you ample opportunity to spend time in nature. The Pacific is equally beautiful, with its abundance of wildlife and exquisite colors.

Come to Washington and kayak and you’ll get the best of both. Plus, while it’s not difficult, kayaking will burn some serious calories so you don’t have to feel any guilt for enjoying yourself when it’s dinner time.

Oh and did we mention the orcas? You can actually kayak right up alongside these gentle giants. Talk about a vacation you’ll never forget!