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Alaska Guided Tours: LeConte Glacier

One of the most impressive sights in Alaska is LeConte Glacier, a massive (21-mile) body of ice flowing to the head of LeConte Bay. While most glaciers are worth exploring, LeConte is especially captivating because of its “shooter” icebergs, or icebergs that peak out as far as 1,000 feet from the glacier’s surface. Since its discovery in 1887, LeConte Glacier has receded nearly six miles, offering plenty of icebergs in the area to see and travel around.

If you’re visiting Alaska, you will want to take a tour to LeConte Glacier. Visitors can discover this beautiful glacier through Alaska guided tours that run from Petersburg and Wrangell.

One of our favorite tours is guided by Breakaway Adventures; we love the LeConte Glacier Adventure because it takes you to the glacier on a small, private boat instead of a large crowded vessel. It usually runs about six hours and takes you through hundreds, if not thousands of icebergs. This intimate, guided tour provides the opportunity for visitors to take photographs, explore the iceberg, and even touch the ice for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We also love this tour because it is affordable and departure times are flexible. To enhance the trip, don’t forget to add Petersburg to the tour. For an additional charge of only $40, visitors get to spend quality time in this charming Norwegian town without running into many tourists.