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4 Scenic Train Routes in India That You Should Not Miss

One of the best ways to get around India is by train. This is perfect for those who would like see India in all its simplicity and natural beauty.

Here are 4 scenic train routes in India that you must not miss:

1: Mettupalayam to Ooty

This 46-km route from Mettupalayam will offer sights such as hills, waterfalls, tea gardens and coffee plantations. Along this route that runs through the Nilgiris hills, there are 16 tunnels, 250 bridges and plenty of rainforests. Also, you’ll get to picturesque towns such as Coonoor, Wellington and Lovedale.

2: Vizag to Araku Valley

Located in the Eastern Ghats, this journey takes you through streams, waterfalls and a number of winding tracks. The delightful aroma of coffee plantations along the way will enthrall you as you pass through 58 tunnels and 84 bridges and more. At the end of this three-hour journey, you can visit the Borra caves in the Araku valley.

3: Madgaon to Mumbai

This route finds itself placed between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Whether it is the gorges of the Sahyadri hills, hills, streams and meadows, you’ll soon fall in love with all that nature has on offer on this route that is headed towards Goa.

4: Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

As you leave the ‘Blue City’, this train ride involves seeing a large number of sand dunes, thanks to the route passing through the Thar Desert. Just keep your eyes open for camels grazing, vibrantly colored mud huts, peacocks and a gorgeous sunset before you finally reach the Golden Fort of Jaisalmer. It’s almost like a desert safari.