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Abu Dhabi: A Travel Guide

abu-dhabiBefore visiting a foreign city, it’s important understand what type of cultural traditions are practiced.

If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, just a warning it may be a bit intimidating as a first time tourist. First, make sure you respect their cultural tendencies and carefully observe them. What you wear and even your gestures may be inappropriate and disrespectful to the locals, so it’s vital that you take the time to become familiar with each country’s mannerisms.

abu-dhabiAbu Dhabi is a modern city where fashion statements are not as prevalent as other countries. This being said, short and revealing clothing articles are not recommended as they are not highly regarded. Keep in mind that many of the locals are Muslim and their strict traditions have been observed for centuries. Even many of the non-local residents are Muslim as well. Loose clothing that covers your shoulders and knees are recommended. If you don’t want to attract attention towards yourself, especially at night, be sure that you dress in an appropriate manner.

In order to efficiently get around the city, consider a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi. Renting a car is convenient and can serve many purposes. Travelling around the city is made much easier through a car. Taxis tend to add up, especially travelling outside of the city.

In order to maximize your investment on your vacation, consider either a short term or a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi. In order for you to truly understand the culture of Abu Dhabi, you’ll have to mesh in with the culture that Abu Dhabi has. By experiencing everything that the locals experience, you’ll have a completely different vacation than you initially planned.