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3 Top Islands That Attracts Visitors Throughout the Year

Article written by Photo Packager, interesting photos from around the globe

Year after year, travelers vote for the most exotic beaches as their favorite destination even if it is miles away and even remote too. There are a number of nature-related activities that lure these visitors for the holiday of a lifetime too.

Of course, if the experience is unusual that makes the desire to visit these locations even more likely.

Here are 3 top islands that attracts the most visitors all year round:

1: Maui (Hawaii)

Everyone loves Maui be it Hollywood celebrities or even barefooted surfers. Apart from its natural beauty, there are busy cosmopolitan neighborhoods and resorts for travelers. As for your time spent there, it’s a good idea to begin with a bike ride to Haleakala – a volcanic crater. A scenic drive to Hana would also be good. The ponds there along with waterfalls at Oheo Gulch are good places to visit too.

2: Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)

With short-feathered penguins, lizards, sea lions and cormorants being species that inhabit this archipelago along with so many others, it is an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and genuine thrill-seekers. But there’s more – you can see beaches and volcanic landscapes too by sea, thanks to a number of cruises that are available.

3: Maldives

Known for being the world’s lowest lying nation, its land is no more than six feet above sea level. Most hotels have been built over its sparkling waters while luxuries such as underwater nightclubs, coral nurseries and enjoying food on pontoons are some of the activities that visitors can enjoy. Apart from this, snorkeling and scuba diving are appealing to both couples and families. Of course, there are sand-bars and white sandy beaches that you can relax at if you’d like.