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Incorporate a break into your travel plans

Most of us travel overseas for vacation, business, to visit family and friends and many other reasons. Some of these travel involves long distances that may take more than 15 hours of travel time especially air travel. Your travel may include a stopover before reaching your destination. We recommend that you use the stopover to turn over to a bit longer break for many reasons.

Many of the international airlines that you fly operate more than one plane during the day to that destination or might have daily flights. Therefore, you can easily incorporate a break and take the next day flight without causing much delay. One issue that arise from a longer break is your unaccompanied luggage. Many airlines will accommodate a request to fly your luggage with you without having to take it out at the break point. Make sure your carryon luggage contain adequate supply of medication and other needs for the break.

This will give you an opportunity to visit other places while visiting your destination. It will also allow you to spread your wings and avoid jetlag normally associated with long distance travel. It may be good for those who are suffering from arthritis and other medical conditions.