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Top 4 Travel Tips for October

Now is a good time plan for October travel, there are travel opportunities that are unique to this month itself from around the world.

Not only are these travel tips fun but truly opportunities that you must not miss this month if you are inclined to take a vacation.

Here are 4 travel tips for the month of October:

1: Travel to Mexico

As one expert puts it, getting there before Thanksgiving will be a good idea as it will help you to get shoulder-season deals. Of course, if you cannot go right away, the next best thing is to book for Spring Break as soon as possible.

2: Start Planning for Rio 2016

Of course, while the Olympic Committee has already booked the best rooms in Rio, there is still plenty of accommodation available for visitors. This includes even villas that you can book before or even during the Games.

3: The Right Time to go to Sydney

Given that the American to Australian dollar exchange rate is at its lowest, it is a good time to travel to Sydney. You can expect low prices for airfare since it is the offseason. Best part: Sydney has opened the Barangaroo Point Reserve – a massive harborfront park.

4: Whale-watching in South Africa

If you like whale-watching, then Hermanus should be the place to visit in South Africa. There’s Cape Town too. This is if you want to see southern right whales that will be around from October until next June.