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3 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

No matter what you think, the first few hours of any trip sets the tone for the remainder. If everything goes well, then the trip might turn out that way too.

In other words, a lousy flight can spoil a trip, not unless you are game for a little adventure. Yes, there are a few airports that spell danger and that have caused travelers to postpone their trip indefinitely.

Here are 3 of the most dangerous airports in the world:

1: Lukla Airport, Nepal

This airport tops the list of dangerous airports given its 2000-foot runway and a number of casualties that have occurred over the years. Not only is it at an altitude of 2900 meters but there is mountain at one end of the runway and a cliff at the end of the other. This is why only Twin Otters and helicopters can land here.

2: Princess Juliana International Airport, Simpson Bay, Saint Maarten

This airport is right next to an airport beach. Before it lands, the plane has to not pass this busy beach but also a busy road too. Not only can people at the beach risk hearing loss but those traveling on the roads might get blown away too.

3: Skiathos Airport, Greece

Known as the Saint Maarten of Greece, the runway is only 5341 feet long. Most passengers feel as if the plane will land in the sea just before touchdown. They also feel as if the runway is shorter than it is due to an optical illusion.