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Tahiti: The Best Vacation I ever had

Article written by Legends Travel, Travel news, tips & articles

Have you ever thought to just ditch everything and head to one of those Tahiti vacations? You should. Tahiti was the best vacation I ever had. I went there exactly 10 years ago for my honeymoon.  I had promised my wife that we would come back there for our 10th year anniversary, but unfortunately our current financial situation does not allow me to do so. So unfortunately this year we are sticking to more local destinations and hopefully we can save up for Tahiti and go back the next few years.

bora boraFrankly speaking all of us have very stressful daily routines. The times we live in just make us trade our free time for more work. And despite the distractions our work might give us at times, we must sit back and let it go sometimes. You are never in full control of what is happening around you and the more you embrace that fact, the healthier you would be. Because, after all our mental sanity is one of the most important factors of our well being. The more you engage yourself in what you are doing on a daily basis, the more charged up and tense you become. After a while you will feel that need to just get away and treat yourself with a nice little vacation.

But what is a great vacation destination? Do you want nonstop sunshine, and just to chill at the beach? Do you want that feeling of wonderful relaxation? Feeling that everything is going to be all right?

Whenever I think of those moments, I remember my Tahiti Experience. It was just amazing how fast you can forget all the problems you have and just sink in the relieving reality, whispering that everything is just “on hold”.

If you want a secluded experience on over the water bungalows the go to Bora Bora or if you want just a little more interaction with locals in an amazing island with lot’s of green nature then go to Morea. Better yet go to both, few days here and few days there.

I’ll never forget the amazing pool side relaxations, the hot rock message, the horseback ride to the middle of Morea and the amazing submarine ride to the great barrier reef. Every single day we had an amazing experience at Tahiti.

Now just pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and proceed to plan your well deserved vacation.