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Vacationing in Napa Valley

If you’re heading to California, no matter what time of year, Napa Valley is an incredible place to lose yourself. Napa is colloquially known as California wine country, and it’s where many popular wine brands (both in the supermarket and specialty brands for restaurants and wine stores) are made there. There are many wineries to tour, and the Napa Valley Wine Train is an excellent way to get there.

Take the Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train isn’t just a train, it’s a restaurant that provides a memorable tour through the countryside. It offers a multi-course meal and 25 miles of track that snake through the heart of Napa. The Pullman rail cars have been lovingly restored for an incredible and modern experience. The site for the wine train also has some advice on how to get to Napa Valley without using a car. You can do the entire trip without renting or owning a car.

Booking Wineries

Most wineries entertain fairly large groups, so they’ll expect you to book your trip in advance. Some will have waiting lists, others just want the advance notice so they know what to provide. Call the wineries you plan to see before you leave for the trip, and make sure your appointments are booked. If you fail to book a winery appointment, don’t fret. There are still some wineries that will take walk ins, and most wineries will accept walk ins if they aren’t very busy that day.

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