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Nothing Compares to Alaska

If you’re ready for a vacation but are sick of all the typical choices, you owe it to yourself to consider Alaska. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to do some Alaska Sightseeing, you can’t go wrong by traveling to America’s biggest state.

Start you trip in beautiful Petersburg, Alaska and you’ll already be near the Stikine River. This majestic waterway features everything from glaciers to an assortment of amazing wildlife.

Speaking of which, if you came to see some amazing animals, you picked the right place. Alaska is home to some of the most beautiful creatures in the entire world and you can set a course to get right up close and personal with them.

For example, you can take whale watching tours where the captain will bring you near these amazing gentle giants. Watch them surface and blow water sky high before submerging again out of view.

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit the homes of Alaska’s brown bears. While these animals can be dangerous up close, your tour master will keep you from harm’s way. At a safe distance, though, you’ll be able to watch these towering land animals carry on their daily lives as if you weren’t even there.

Instead of going on another boring holiday this time around, chart a course to Alaska fro a trip you’ll never forget.