3 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

    No matter what you think, the first few hours of any trip sets the tone for the remainder. If everything goes well, then the trip might turn out that way too.

    In other words, a lousy flight can spoil a trip, not unless you are game for a little adventure. Yes, there are a few airports that spell danger and that have caused travelers to postpone their trip indefinitely.

    Here are 3 of the most dangerous airports in the world: (more…)

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    How to Shoot Better Vacation Photos

    If you understand some of the basics of photography, you can use your camera’s automated settings to capture beautiful photographs almost every time. You can play with manual settings too, but they don’t always give the results you want within the timeframe you need. You should also know how to frame your shots, and how to use lighting to your advantage. All of these tips are simple to understand, difficult to master. Still, with this advice you’ll soon have friends complimenting your photographic eye as they take a visual journey through your vacation. (more…)

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    Get Around Abu Dhabi in a Rental Car

    Article by Monte Carlo – Rent a Car In Jordan

    Looking to get away for a while? Want a vacation you’ll truly never forget? If so, then consider going somewhere truly exotic, like Abu Dhabi. No matter where you’ve been, you’ve never been somewhere like this. With so much to do here, you’ll definitely want to spend some time putting together an itinerary and planning out your time there. On top of that, to really enjoy the area, you’ll want a rental care.

    A car lease in Abu Dhabi will make all the difference. Without one, you’ll have a hard time fitting everything into your trip that you want to do. It will be next to impossible, in fact. Abu Dhabi is absolutely huge. When you factor in locals and tourists, there are countless people moving through at any one time. Getting around on foot just isn’t an option. Trying to do so with public transport and taxis is also going to be next to impossible.

    Fortunately, a cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi will save you money and time. If you have the budget, you should also consider putting money towards a driver. They’ll know the area better than you and will be around whenever you need to leave one place and get to another.

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    A Peek Inside the Conservatory of Flowers

    Article by Pierre Zarokian

    If you’ve ever been to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, you might have noticed a white building that looks like something out of an old horror movie. That building is the oldest structure in Golden Gate Park and it’s called the Conservatory of Flowers. Don’t pass it off as just another garden, it’s got some of the most unique and exotic plants available in California.

    Originally, the kit that the Conservatory was based upon was supposed to be in the city of San Jose. James Lick, an eccentric businessman and real estate investor, had intended on building a mansion there. He surrounded the grounds with plants he had imported from South America, but died before he could complete his master project.

    That kit went up for sale and was purchased by prominent San Franciscans.

    Part of the reason it was built had to do with trends of the time. During the turn of the 19th century, industrialization was in full swing and large urban centers were springing up all across America. The old frontier was gradually disappearing, replaced with urban landscapes. Greenhouses and botanical gardens offered city dwellers the opportunity to glimpse exotic plant life that had long vanished to make way for modern society.

    Today, one can find roughly 1,700 species of plants within the Conservatory. This includes a corpse flower species, which attracted roughly 16,000 visitors, and poison plants rumored to have been part of the concoction that killed Lincoln’s mother.

    Admission for adults is $8, with children ranging from $2-$6 depending on their age. If you happen to be in the city during the first Tuesday of each month, this stunning exhibit of natural life is free for all.


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    Five things to consider before booking a spa break

    Article by Angelina Z.

    If you are looking at booking your next spa break, here are five things to consider according to Garden Retreat Spa.

    High expectations – Have a list of what you are looking to achieve from your spa break. It could be getting some much-needed peace or relieving back or shoulder pain. Whatever your goal, always let your therapist know before you book your appointment.

    Price points – Look at spending at least $200-$400 on a spa stay which includes treatments. If you can spend more, look at spas that specialize in selected treatments.

    Know what to expect – Medical spas will sometimes include procedures that are less than pleasant. In these instances, look at taking someone with you for support.

    Time and money matters – Consider the treatments you are getting for the price you are spending. Although you may be spending more time at the spa, always consider if the procedures you are receiving are of value to you.

    Book with a spa specialist travel agent – If you want the best deals, it is always best to book with a travel agent who is accustomed to organizing spa specific travel programmes. Ask your travel agent about the list of spa specific packages that are on offer; if they have this information on hand, it is a good indication that they handle spa travel packages.


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    Top Facts to Consider When Purchasing Property on Grand Cayman

    Top-Facts-to-Consider-When-Purchasing-Property-on-Grand-CaymanLife on Grand Cayman is as glorious as people make it out to be. Although the topic of residency isn’t as common as say, New York City or Los Angeles, Grand Cayman offers an unbelievably beautiful setting that you can call home. Here are some key aspects below that will give you better insight onto why Grand Cayman’s real estate market is an opportunistic one.

    Crime Rates

    Note that Grand Cayman is highly affluent with low crime rates. It’s crucial to reside in a community that’s safe and managed appropriately. The crime rate has decreased substantially and now has some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

    Real Estate

    The real estate in Grand Cayman ranges from luxury estates to simplistic condos. Their Caribbean vacation homes are a true spectacle to see – not to mention affordable as well.

    An alternative to living in Grand Cayman is partaking in the real estate market via investing. An island that most people dream to live in, the Cayman Islands real estate market has blossomed into a respectable and prosperous industry that’s opening up to a wide audience of individuals searching for a second or third home, or even to rent it out to visitors.

    Final Thoughts

    To sum it up, one of the major reasons why people are looking to buy real estate in the Cayman Islands is because it’s tax free. There are no income taxes, no capital gains tax, and not to mention the absolute best diving in the Western Hemisphere. All of this within 3 hours of the greater USA, why wouldn’t you come to the Cayman Islands?

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    Four of the best places in the world to go kayaking

    If you are new to kayaking and you are looking for beautiful kayaking vacation spots to travel to, here are four of the very best kayaking spots around the world.

    Milford Sound, New Zealand – Milford Sound is located deep in the south-west of New Zealand and is a popular kayaking spot because lush green peaks surround the entire area. Authors have described Milford Sound as one of the eighth wonders of the world. Charges range from NZ $ 100-120 per person for a tour.

    Na Pali coast, Hawaii – If you have never been to Hawaii and want to experience the country in its natural beauty, visit the Na Pali coast in Kauai. You can only access this coastline by hiking, helicopter or boat. Na Pali is surrounded by green cliffs and cascading waterfalls, which is the perfect landscape for kayaking.

    Vancouver Island, Canada – If you are looking to spot orcas but are new to kayaking, consider visiting Johnstone Strait situated in the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park. Your kayaking experience will be enhanced by ancient forests and stunningly beautiful mountains. Look at visiting the island from June to October, to see hundreds of orcas, black bears, bald eagles, Pacific white-sided dolphins and humpback whales.

    Dalmatian Coast, Croatia – Croatia is stunning and is one of the most picturesque spots for kayaking. You will be able to enjoy crystal clear water, hot summers, historic architecture and hundreds of coves. Crystal Seas recommends speaking to a reputed kayaking tour operator who will be able to arrange excursions for beginners.


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    Steps to remember when traveling and choosing a spa resort

    If you are planning on traveling to a spa, you may want to ensure that the spa you choose is in-line with your expectations. Listing out your expectations is a good way to check if the spa you are traveling to offers specific treatments and services. Here are some steps to remember when traveling and choosing a spa resort.

    Decide the budget – You want to be able to comfortably afford your stay plus the spa services and treatments at your resort. Start off by allocating a budget that covers your airfare, stay, treatments and meals for your entire trip.

    Decide the type – Spa resorts wary from tropical, beach destinations to colder climates. Look at what type of experience you would like to enjoy and then research your destination.

    Decide the destination – Spa facilities are offered around the world, so narrow down your destination by considering if you need a visa, the cost and other regulations that may impact your travel or stay.

    Traveling considerations – If you are traveling alone to your destination, you may want a resort that allows guests to meet and mingle. On the other hand, if you are travelling with family or friends you may prefer a resort that focuses on the needs of your group.

    Think about your requirements – If you have special needs or need medical care at your resort, look into these area before choosing your resort.

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    What to bring to the spa?

    Although you may not have enough money to head on holiday, you may be able to fit in a spa treatment. To make the most of your treatment, here is what you should bring with you on the day.

    Workout wear – Most spas also include Yoga, Pilates or Zumba studios. Find out what is available at your spa before packing workout gear and shoes.

    Swimsuit – Spas often have whirlpools and mineral pools that are great for relaxing.

    Light reading – Avoid packing any reports from work, your laptop or your blackberry and only pack a light novel or a fashion magazine.

    Personal grooming – Spas will provide you with disposable combs, razors and body and hair products but you will have to pack a hair band, sunscreen, mascara, mineral powder and lip gloss.

    Change of clothes – A fresh change of clothes will make you feel clean and ready for any plans after your spa day. Change into loose fitting clothing like loose yoga pants or a casual sundress, if you prefer to keep the lotions and oils on your skin.

    An open attitude – Remember that not all spas or treatments will leave you with an above average spa experience. Therefore, remember to come with an open attitude and enjoy your experience for what it is.

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    Tips for getting started with Kayaking

    Written1 by Crystal Seas

    Going Kayaking can be daunting for beginners. It is however a stress free way of relaxing, getting some exercise and getting some fresh air all at once. Sure, it can be technical, but Kayaking is as difficult as someone wants it to be. With a few basic lessons, which can be leant in a matter of minutes you can paddle around at your leisure. Here are a few tips for when getting started:


    Before you go Kayaking, get lessons from a proper certified instructor. There are outfitters with such instructors wherever Kayaking is popular. If going Kayaking is part of a holiday plan then check the phone book or Google for instructors at your destination.


    When yo
    u get lessons you will also learn the right types and sizes of Kayaks and what suits you. As a beginner you will probably find that sea kayaks are better than the more tippy and shorter whitewater kayaks. You can then find your foot and seat peg settings that are just right for you.


    For beginners wider kayaks are better as they are more stable. In addition, they also have open cockpits which are easier to get in and out of. This feels safer for beginners even when heading out for washington kayak.


    Beginners are always better off with flatwater. Examples are lakes or ponds that have no turbulence of any sort. Once you have some confidence in a kayak, then streams and rivers are the next followed possibly by sea kayaking tour.


    The next time you want to take an adventure for your vacation like going kayaking san juan , just leave it to the team at Crystal Seas.

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