Top 5 Ice Cream flavors

    Written by Gelato Products

    Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts worldwide. Traditionally ice cream was only served at ice cream parlors and special events. However, as the ice cream market grew with many commercial vendors entering the market, the ice cream cups wholesale market increased, this created many new ice cream flavors. Here are five of the most popular ice cream flavors.

    Cookies N’ Cream – Cookie N’ Cream is a mix between crushed Oreos and vanilla ice cream. Since the flavor is subtle, yet rich, this is a popular flavor to eat at movies or family events.

    Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream is a staple in many refrigerators and comes in many varieties like milk, dark and Swiss.

    Mint Chocolate Chip – Mint chocolate chip is a flavor loved by both kids and adults for its bright green color and its refreshing taste. There are now many varieties of chocolate that are used for this flavor and include Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Unsweetened Dark Chocolate.

    Vanilla – Vanilla is a timeless favorite and is a good addition to rich desserts. Look at pairing it with brownies, hot pies, fruit or with your favorite

    Cookie Dough – Cookie Dough ice cream is a combination of cookies and ice cream without the hard cookie chunks. It is best eaten on it own as it is a rich flavor that can be quite sweet.

    If you are looking for a healthier option, choose these flavors in low-fat varieties or opt for frozen yogurt cups for a lower calorie option.


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    Deciding Whether Studying Abroad is Right For You

    Written by: Omar Amanat

    Summary: Abroad programs are an exciting way to learn everything there is to know about a foreign country and it’s identity.

    One of the greatest learning experiences that you can partake in is studying abroad. Now, it takes an extremely decisive person to study abroad. There are thousands of abroad programs in hundreds of countries all over the world. So, how can you possible decide which program is right for you? Do you know which country you prefer to travel to? What universities have your major and will your credit be transferrable?

    Start Preparing Early

    The number of students that are willing to take the plunge and study abroad increases about 4% per year, and has become the new norm for American students. This means, you need to plan early in order to obtain the right program and prepare all the necessary documents to get the ball rolling. Talk to your university advisor and discuss whether or not studying abroad fits in with your schedule. This conversation needs to occur early on – possibly even in your first year. Remember, the earlier the better.

    Get Everything in Order

    First off, you’ll want to speak with your parents/guardians. Are they willing to financially support this trip? Will they be okay sending you off for half a year or so? Be prepared to show them everything about the program so they feel like they’re in the loop. Parents, needless to say, want to know every ounce of detail so they can feel confident knowing that you’re enrolling in an accredited program that will keep you safe. You’ll also want to be confident in the program of your choice. Once you begin your adventure, there’s no turning back! It may be difficult parting your home for an extended period of time, but it’s also an opportunity to broaden your horizons (as cliché as that sounds). You’ll learn a new language, meet new people, and discover an exotic and foreign culture!

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    The top four Italian Gelato flavors

    Written by Gelato Products

    If you visit a gelato store, you will be surprised to see the number of gelato flavors on offer. Most customers will use the tasting spoons to make a decision on what to order. Here are a few of the most popular gelato flavors that should be tried.

    Bacio – Bacio means ‘kiss’, and is a flavor that has a combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Although this gelato has a pale brown color, the gelato provides a good dose of rich chocolate flavor tempered by the nutty taste of hazelnut praline.

    Sette Veli – This flavor is chocolate lovers dream and is named after the Biblical story of the seductive dance of the seven veils performed by Salome for Herod. This gelato flavor is a combination of different kinds of chocolate from dark to light, hazelnut praline, and crunchy biscuits. The ice cream is made alternating chocolate and nut layers, which makes a soft thick creamy chocolate ice cream with tiny crushed biscuits.

    Stracciatella – This gelato has a light vanilla ice cream flavor, packed with slivers or chunks of chocolate. The combination is perfect for a hot summers day.

    Tartufo – This gelato is named after the Italian name for “truffle”. The flavor is made by combining two flavors of ice cream and covering it in a chocolate shell, shaped as a ball. Most often the combinations include chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, covered with nuts like pistachio or almond.

    So the next time you visit a gelato store, avoid asking the server for a plastic yogurt spoon to test flavors and instead opt for the flavors above.


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    Vacationing in Napa Valley

    If you’re heading to California, no matter what time of year, Napa Valley is an incredible place to lose yourself. Napa is colloquially known as California wine country, and it’s where many popular wine brands (both in the supermarket and specialty brands for restaurants and wine stores) are made there. There are many wineries to tour, and the Napa Valley Wine Train is an excellent way to get there.

    Take the Train

    The Napa Valley Wine Train isn’t just a train, it’s a restaurant that provides a memorable tour through the countryside. It offers a multi-course meal and 25 miles of track that snake through the heart of Napa. The Pullman rail cars have been lovingly restored for an incredible and modern experience. The site for the wine train also has some advice on how to get to Napa Valley without using a car. You can do the entire trip without renting or owning a car.

    Booking Wineries

    Most wineries entertain fairly large groups, so they’ll expect you to book your trip in advance. Some will have waiting lists, others just want the advance notice so they know what to provide. Call the wineries you plan to see before you leave for the trip, and make sure your appointments are booked. If you fail to book a winery appointment, don’t fret. There are still some wineries that will take walk ins, and most wineries will accept walk ins if they aren’t very busy that day.

    When Archbishop James Provence retired from Church service, he moved to Vacaville. There, James Provence became a volunteer docent for the California Railway Museum in Sacramento.

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    Six travel-themed gift ideas for the home

    30Written by Costbuys

    For those who travel or who have friends/ family who travel, buying the usual gifts such as luggage, neck pillows etc. can be expensive and sometimes left unused. Here are some gift ideas that are offered as shopping deals on homeware and travel websites.

    Coffee or tea – Coffee or tea from around the world is a wonderful gift. You can look for tea blends from Morocco, China, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa. While for coffee lovers look for coffees from Costa Rica, Colombia, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

    Coffee table books – Travelers will love coffee table books with pictures and descriptions of places they should visit. These books will include vacation ideas sorted by themes such as road trips, gourmet adventures, and pilgrimages.

    Coasters – Coasters are great for travelers as they can include the world map, places, food, and people.

    Travel calendar – An old fashion paper calendar can sometimes be the best inspiration a traveler needs to plan future vacations. You can also buy calendars specifically designed for travelers who love trekking, hiking, swimming or bike riding.

    Vintage travel posters – A unique piece of art featuring a specific travel location is great as a keepsake gift.

    Picture frames – To hold your travel memories, give a gift of a set of photo frames that can be used as a collage. Look for travel themed frames that include iconic buildings, places, and art.

    Shop online for special travel-related gift ideas that can be personalized to suit your occasion.


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    How to Deal With Car Rental Agencies And Their Agreements

    Don’t overlook the agreement form, scan it carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

    car-rental-agreementCar rentals in Jordan are common for travelers looking to tour the beautiful landscape on their time without having to deal with the hassle of hailing down a taxi or a bus. There are certain factors that you should consider when dealing with a car rental company in Jordan. Here are some tips that will help you get through this process as smoothly as possible.

    Check the Insurance Policies

    Although it’s not mandatory to obtain insurance on a rental car, it’s important that you have a solid understanding of what the company’s insurance policy is before you make any decision. Insurance policies tend to differ from one agency to another. Ask about the age limit, comprehensive insurance, and the driving license limitations beforehand so you know what’s covered and what’s not. Note that some agencies will look to convince you into buying insurance just to make extra money.

    Reading the Agreement About Security Deposits

    A long term car rental in Amman Jordan comes with an agreement that you’ll have to sign prior to obtaining the rental car. Read this thoroughly and carefully. When it comes to the section about security deposits, learn about what affects the security deposit, the prices, and the return date. For instance, if there is a specific time that the agency will want the car back, jot it down or obtain a copy of the agreement so you won’t end up losing the deposit over a 5 minute delay. One of the best ways to go about handling a security deposit, if you want to be safe, is to pay in cash. This way, you won’t allow the company to have access to your credit card. This isn’t to say that all agencies will steal from you, it’s just what many tourists like to do to make sure that they’re safe from fraud.

    For the finest car hire in Amman Airport, visit Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC online today!

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    Four expert tips for beginner sea kayakers

    crystalseas1Written by Crystal Seas

    Kayaking is an adventure sport that can take a kayaker from serene to extreme in a matter of minutes. If you’re planning on a relaxing tour kayaking with orcas, you should still be prepared for not so calm weather. Here are four expert tips for beginners.

    Take a lesson – Look at scheduling lessons with experienced trainers, who will give you the fundamental skills needed to stay out of trouble. You should start with a relatively simple lesson and progress on to more intensive courses if you are serious about your hobby.

    Know the basics – Here are some standard basic skills you should master.

    Hold the paddle with a light grip. – This helps for flexibility and reduces muscle straining.

    Stay in a rhythmic motion when paddling.

    Sweep strokes – Should be wider than your forward strokes.

    Stick to your own style, pace, and range

    Keep your upper body at a balanced and the center of gravity

    Practice the basics – practice your basics on the ground and then move on to the water. When you move on to water, make sure you are in shallow, calm waters with a group. You should then progress on to open waters to gain more experience.

    Pick your route and check the weather – Before you attempt your sea kayaking tour, you should be familiar with the area you are paddling in. Remember to check the marine weather forecast before you get into the water.


    Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Go killer whale kayaking for an experience like no other. Crystal Seas can give you everything you need—including training—and guide you through some amazing waters.

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    Why Public Transportation Can be a Tourist’s Worst Nightmare

    abu-dhabi-busIf you are looking to visit Abu Dhabi, consider renting a car.

    Abu Dhabi has long been known as one of the most captivating and storied tourist destinations in the entire world. In other words, it’s a traveler’s dream come true. However, one thing that could be a nightmare for incoming visitors is the transportation system. While it may be worth the adventure to try out the bus or taxi system, it could also backfire on you. This why a short term or monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi is one of the most efficient ways to maximize your vacation.

    The Cons of Public Transportation

    Just like any large populated city, public transportation can be a nuisance. You have pushy residents, irregular schedules, and the always worrisome pickpockets. The only positive thing that you can take out of taking the bus is that you’re getting from one destination to the other. It could become quite difficult for you to enjoy the scenic view when you have a crowded bus with barely enough room to breathe. Well, that was pure exaggeration but you get the gist.

    The Bottom Line

    All in all, it might be well worth your money to try and go for a long term car rental in Abu Dhabi if you’re planning a visit. And always be sure that you are looking carefully into the car rental company that you are planning to use. Be sure that they are a trustworthy business so you don’t end up having random fees show up on your next statement.

    Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC is your home for car rentals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. For more information or for bookings, visit them online today.

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    Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car in Amman, Jordan

    Public transportation can be a hassle, why not rent a car instead?

    Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

    If you happen to be vacationing in the Middle East, Jordan is where you want to be. With an amazing culture, friendly locals, and a cuisine that will blow your mind, you’re definitely in for a treat. However, if you’re thinking about relying on public transportation for your entire trip, you may want to rethink it. For one, there is no guarantee that you will get to your destination on time. Additionally, you may be confused and end up in areas that you didn’t plan to go to. This is why it’s recommended in Amman to rent a car.

    Why You Should Rent a Car

    car-in-motionIf you are in Queen Alia International airport a car rental section is located conveniently close to the exits, this is where you can find everything that you’ll need to lock down a car quickly and easily. Now, you may be thinking whether or not investing in a rental car is worth it.

    Based on previous traveler experiences, you will definitely want your own vehicle. You will be able to travel to and from any destination that you want. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to figure out what exact spot you will have to go to from the public stop. While you may be able to see through the eyes of the locals by taking the bus, you’ll also miss out on opportunities that are time-sensitive such as tours. So, be sure that you rent a car in the Amman Airport, as you and your family will be able have more freedom on your trip.

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    Top Travel Tips for Amman, Jordan

    Article written by Travel Trade Magazine

    If you’re visiting Amman, Jordan, be sure that you are prepared to experience a lively culture and beautiful surroundings.

    Most travelers are looking for an oasis in the middle of a desert that has a thriving population and sights that aren’t seen on a regular basis. Amman, on the other hand, is more of a hot desert city that is much less visited on a regular basis. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rule out this beautiful region for a vacation. The city is an overlooked gem, to say the least. If you are planning on taking on the role of an explorer, Amman is definitely worth visiting. Here are some travel tips that will help your trip go a lot smoother.

    Visit the Ruins

    The Roman ruins that are housed in Amman is one destination that is both breathtaking and liberating. Amman is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the entire world, which are backed up by the numerous ancient sites around the city. The Citadel and the Roman Amphitheater are must-sees that won’t let you down.Amman

    Rent a Car

    Because of the constant back-and-forth that you’re going to have to do when visiting Amman, it’s wise that you rent a car. You can easily rent a car in Amman Airport for a low rate. Being that it’s also extremely convenient, you can head straight from the airport to Amman without the hassle of having to hail a cab or take a shuttle that has frequent stops.

    When you get to Amman you can rent a car at the city as well. However, you may have difficulty finding a company around the preferred area that you are staying at. It’s best to utilize the convenience of the airport and complete the process in a quick and efficient manner.

    Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC is your premiere destination for car rentals in Amman, Jordan. With a convenient location like their Queen Alia International Airport Car Rental department, you can easily pick up a car and begin your travels.

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